MayaTrader Sector Scanner

Stock Market Scanner is generally intended for day traders or swing traders using technical analysis. If you are day trading or swing trading, then you need a scanner that filters by technical criteria, like the stocks price changes, volatility, volume, and how it is performing relative to indicators such as MACD, moving average, and RSI. Investors may also want to incorporate technical filters to look for stocks with strong fundamentals that are selling too low. You can also filter stocks by a very broad set of fundamental criteria in your search for the best stocks to buy. A stock screener, also known as a stock scanner, helps narrow down this list to just a few stocks that meet a number of criteria. A stock scanner is a screening tool that searches the market for stocks that match a user-selected set of criteria and metrics to trade and invest in.The NASDAQ has a stock screener called the Guru, which attempts to distill criteria from well-known investors into a stock screen you can use right out of the box.

In this article, we’ll show you how to create a stock sector performance chart with trend lines.

A stock screener is a crucial tool used by stock traders and investors alike, sifting through thousands of stocks to find the ones best matching their criteria. The speed and convenience of stock screens makes it a must-have tool for all traders and investors. When used properly, scanners help a user to sift through market noise in order to direct their attention toward more qualified candidates.

These scanners are most helpful for finding stocks that are undervalued or overvalued. Basic charts with graph drawing tools, fundamental and technical filters such as trade volume and dividend yield are commonly included with free stock screens.

The best stock screener criteria for swing trading focuses on the data at the end of the day, and usually includes technical indicators such as trade volume, Fibonacci retracement, and metrics such as volume-weighted average price. Once the screener is opened, you select which filters you would like to use according to certain criteria, like price, trading volume, price- to-earnings ratio, volatility, chart patterns, and other fundamental or technical indicators. Users can create workspaces and configure different settings of stock screener according to the defined criteria and filter keywords.

The MayaTrader’s Sector screener comes with custom scanning as well as a machine intelligence scanner that determines the the what position of each sector in stock market. MayaTrader is capable of sector-based scanning built in as standard feature.Other features of MayaTrader include: Like MayaTrader, and most other stock trading software, the trader is required to have Users should restrict scanning to groups of stocks, such as watchlists or sectors, instead of the entire market, to ensure appropriate functionality and compensate for performance lag. While a stock screener may save time when formulating your stock list, it will be essential to add your own research layer to validate your findings or discover potential problems in the fundamentals of the companies. MayaTrader is an excellent stock scanner to look at technical screen criteria or a companys fundamentals, MayaTrader is specificlly built for day traders.